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'Slum' the heart of Hanoi

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1 'Slum' the heart of Hanoi on Sun May 13, 2012 3:16 pm


Decades, yard waste land in the Yellow Bridge (Dong Da district, Hanoi) is inhabited by several hundred people employed ve bottle. Every day, they go through the city picking up things to sell and then assembled here make this place into a giant garbage dump in the heart of the capital.

Landfill wider 1.000m2, located near Lake Hoang Cau. It fit entirely between the high-rise buildings, fenced around, there should protect people outside do not know of the existence of "slum" is.
The huts were built here from the temporary wooden, reinforced phase. The floor is where the junk, above the houses. "Slum" is five blocks away after another, in each house has about a dozen small room.
On this basis, nearly a dozen loft room with about 20 residents. Their living minimalist as possible, complete absence daring, Television.
In approximately 5m2 large room just a few pots and old fans. "Summer is here sweltering, hot weather. May thanks to a fan of this one left her two grandchildren that I lived through the summer," the woman said.
In the next neighborhood junk, he Thai (39) old electronics salesman. The room barely spread his projection, and set mini gas stove ... door. Even so, he revealed is to limit the maximum cooking gas, firewood only to save.
Slum village has about 300 residents, from Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, mainly living by trading cans and rags. All year round they work in low light, dirty. Tet they only home a few days.
This man to wife and children to the countryside Thanh Hoa out here working for a master barns. His main job is to keep all garbage in plastic bags for packaging and then close in, 5,000 VND per kg sold.
Most people here are women. They accept as collateral for the garbage workers Hanoi environment to be collecting plastic bags, bottles from the garbage trucks. "There are injured workers, month also for money. Some people, only to change their garbage, we may well see," she Eight (52, Nam Dinh), one of the oldest residents of the share.
"I lived here for over 20 years should be familiar with this sticky situation alive. For years, I never get home before the countdown because the car is still garbage, still have to go pick up," she said Eight .
Life around years with junk that most people only know dive into business, because "the filth always naughty so nobody wants contact with the outside world".
10pm, life is busy here. Some vehicles carrying heavy goods, bulky on. Majority of other women around the slaughterhouse bike scavenging corner of Hanoi, the next day returned. Not surprisingly, their breakfast begins at 9 pm, and dinner at night at 1-2h.
Many people take the children to earn their living, despite the risk of disease from a huge pile of garbage. "The city is regularly spraying sterilized. We also buy insecticide continuously disease should not fear anything," she sells cloth Hoa said.

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