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Lewis Hamilton races against the law in Spain

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1 Lewis Hamilton races against the law in Spain on Sun May 13, 2012 3:19 pm


Hamilton (McLaren) has been canceled due to classifying race results even on most breaks a law, leaving pole for Pastor Maldonado (Williams) in the leg of the Spanish GP this afternoon.

Hamilton's MP4-27 ring is not able to return to areas isolated by dry fuel.

Du won the best performance distribute the final round (Q3) but with the ring of Hamilton MP4-27 is not able to return to the isolated area (Parc feme) to take samples of fuel, the star Britons will have to appears to come at the last official race took place on Sunday afternoon. This result also means the loss riders who Venezuela, Pastor Maldonado will win the right of the pain because he who has the best performance after Hamilton.

McLaren chief executive Martin Whitmarsh include not just this problem of unwanted employee negligence refueling of the home team advantage and lack of fuel from the next job can not help Hamilton Exceptional achievements in Q3 . However monitoring of tracks did not accept excuses given McLaren and lower sentence Hamilton's place of departure end of the race down. In 2010, British riders also a time to fall into a similar situation in the Canadian Grand Prix when his car on pit must push energy efficiency in order to classify sampled after death, but not when measured Hamilton fined.

6.6.2 Under the terms of F1 Competition Rules, "The driver must ensure soldiers do not always have enough car, 1 liter of fuel to monitor sampling of tracks at a time in any time of the leg race. Except for reasons of force majeure (accepted should be supervised), the postman every morning and automatically classify vehicles must return to the technical area. "
Maldonado celebrate outstanding achievements at the Catalunya racing digest.
Maldonado celebrate outstanding achievements at the Catalunya racing digest.

After 3 weeks idle to participate in testing between road racing season in Mugello (Italy) took place early last week, gave impromptu race teams to start with the Spanish Grand Prix with a bulk supply upgrade for ring Car of the home team. Balance of power between the teams do not appear led a team to excel as race Red Bull last year. This crystal is evidenced by developments at concert digest Catalunya race on the road.

Except within the first division ratings (Q1) with no significant surprise, to to Q2 has made great riders to leave the game early. Stars Mark Webber (Red Bull) to run only one of merit death to save tires and confident enough to help him this results present in Q3 but only in the last 2 minutes he fell from No. 2 to 12 and can not gain Q3 attend. Competition problem is evident only when the merits of Webber who ranks sixth in cream Q2 (Kimi Raikkonen) with 0.121 seconds. Jenson Button (McLaren) also receive results similar to No. 11, the star Britons struggling to surmount lack of a balance of MP4-27 should not perform well.

Sang to Q3, the race tactics are in full use race tires for the official death should run in Q3 numbers are limited. Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) appears on the earliest of tracks, but he unexpectedly drop to about pit race detector. This is treated as an attempt to free Red Bull in order to select tires when starting. Two other riders was Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP) and Kamui Kobayashi (Sauber) also do not make an entire race to keep the tires for the race official. Meanwhile the exception of Hamilton, the remaining riders to attend a single run turns.

After two visits ended run, Hamilton achievements within the best first run (1 minute 21.707 seconds) was number two ahead of Maldonado (1 minute 22.285 seconds) to 0.578 seconds, the next guest in turn was Fernando Alonso (team Ferrari, 1 minute 22.302 seconds), Romain Grosjean (Lotus, 1 minute 22.424 seconds), Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus, 1 minute 22.487 seconds). Shortly after Hamilton made the record one minute 21.707 seconds, McLaren star has asked the British to stop the car on the track to keep enough fuel to get a 1 liter sample, the MP4-27 has to remember the support of car loading area to return to isolation. However this has led Hamilton and McLaren pay dearly.

Before the official race, the majority of dental professionals have received fixed tactics especially the question to use the class in Spanish Grand Prix will continue to influence the race results. Of Catalunya track is narrow and difficult capital should exceed the starting base, man will start providing tactical decisions are factors to success or failure of the race. In almost all previous races held in Catalunya, where the main driver appears to be the winner eventually.

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